EMS Production Service

DoTop operates a state-of-the-art production facility in order to shorten the delivery cycle. A smoothly operating ERP, along with experienced EMS manufacturing in Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia and other area, assures the quality and speed of mass production to meet clients' needs.

DoTop prides itself on its ability and willingness to meet the needs of its OEM customers according to ISO quality standards. Large companies and world-class customers trust DoTop to provide outstanding products year after year. Our long-term relationships with our customers are living proof that we continue to be a valuable resource to our customers.

Besides increasing expertise, we also focus on our management system. Since 2003, we have continued to follow the ISO 9001 in order to provide “Total Service” to our customers. Both our hardware and software follow this quality assurance system. Through fully integrated quality assurance and quality control systems, DoTop manages their resources effectively and efficiently in order to meet all their customers’ demands for quality and timeliness, thereby culminating in end-user satisfaction.