DoTop Technology Inc. has been well-experienced in electronic product design and varied ODM/OEM/EMS services for near 30 years. Therefore, with our OEM/ODM solutions improved over time and constantly updated manufacturing equipments and quality control system, we can always provide the best solutions to our customers in order to satisfy their demands efficiently by customization.
In addition, DoTop Technology Inc. not only can provide various designing and manufacturing services in Information Technology products, Internet Communication products, Industrial Control products, Consumer Electronics products, but also can implement new products for our customers with our bountiful practical experiences.
Moreover, DoTop Technology Inc. has ISO 9001/14001 quality certified factories both in ZhongHe, New Taipei City, Taiwan and Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Both factories are equipped with completely automated production lines for SMT/DIP/assembly with high quality, and have sufficient equipments and personnel for efficient functional testing, process correction and debugging analysis. Therefore, we are able to provide the full-process manufacturing services to our customers at competitive prices and in fast delivery time.

Technical Capability

AES Encryption
ESD / EMI Protection
Slim Design
High Gloss Treatment
Industrial Server
NAS Technology
RAID Technology

EMS Production Service

DoTop operates a state-of-the-art production facility in order to shorten the delivery ...


Electronic Circuit Design

DoTop's engineers are able to rapidly develop stable circuitry with user friendly based...


Design and development of institutions

• Shortest time to market: rapid development from 3D image to tooling. • Familiar mate...



龍駿可協助客戶設計成品的包材料件設計及生產。 各類包材涵蓋彩盒、吊卡、內隔板、泡殼、...


Testing Certification

龍駿可協助客戶針對產品的品質提供相關的測試認證。舉凡: ※EMI、ESD、EYE Pattem、電氣特...


Material Sourcing

DoTop has the better system and professional knowledge in place to plan inventory by us...